Rotary Club of Ojai and The Gables residents celebrates international Day of Peace
Submitted by Kay Bliss, RC of Ojai – October 11, 2023
The fun and productive Rotary Club of Ojai Peace committee, led by Peace Chair Cheree Edwards, is off to an enthusiastic start. On September 21, 2023, they celebrated the International Day of Peace by dedicating a peace pole at The Gables of Ojai, where the first peace pole in Ojai was installed 30 years ago.  Gables marketing director and Rotarian Christine Fenn arranged for Gables residents’ participation, including painting doves on the big canvas that covered of the pole before its unveiling.  The short, meaningful dedication included opening remarks by President Bill Prather, Cheree Edwards and D5240 Peace Chair Art Fisher, Tara Saylor read a poem, Chumash Elder Julie Tumamait gave a blessing, and the ceremony was concluded with Ojai D’aiko Japanese drumming.
Conversations with Ojai Unified School District and City of Ojai, and Rotary Club of Ojai West are underway for installation of other Peace Poles in the Ojai Valley.

Gables Residents Sewing on the doves for the Peace Pole cover.  
Art Fisher and Julie Tumamait unveiling the Peace Pole.
                                             Ojai D'Aiko Japanese Drums
Here are several photos of the Ukrainian event.  The last photo is of the memorial wall for the 80 “defenders” from the local area who died while protecting their country from invading Russians. 
Ukrainian Wand of Peace                                                                                             Ukranian students at dedication of “Wand of PEACE” on October 1.
Memorial wall for the 80 “defenders” from the local area who died defending their country from invading Russians.
Respectfully Submitted,
Kay Bliss, Rotary Club of Ojai