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Ojai Rotary Reminder Newsletter
June 28th, 2019

Carl A. Gross, Editor
June is Rotary Fellowship Month
Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. 
Our 1.2 million-member organization started with the vision of one man—Paul P. Harris. The Chicago attorney formed one of the world’s first service organizations, the Rotary Club of Chicago, on 23 February 1905 as a place where professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships. Rotary’s name came from the group’s early practice of rotating meetings among the offices of each member.
In the Beginning...
In this, the last meeting of the year for our esteemed leader, Deidre.  She rang the bell, observing "I am proud to serve the best Rotary Club I know!"
Bob Skankey led the Pledge of Allegiance for his last meeting. He and Louine are moving to Utah.  We will miss you, Sir Robert!
Sid Cohen gave a heartfelt Invocation:
We meet to serve our community,
to use our resources wisely and well,
to represent all members of our community fairly,
to make decisions that promote the common good.
We recognize our responsibility to the past and the future
and the rights and needs of both individuals and community.
As trusted servants, we seek blessings on our deliberations,
and on our efforts here today.  May we act wisely and well.
Many thanks to our members that make each meeting so special:
Cheree Edwards and Nathan Kaehler for being our Greeters.
Mike Malone for the roving mic (or mike).
Suzanne Scar for desk duty.
Carl Gross for the Reminder and taking pictures.
Dave Watson for fining.
And last, but not least, Ginger for serving us all today.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Alas, there were no Visiting Rotarians
Guests included:
Jim Shelton, guest of Bryant Huber
Rob, Lisa and Kelly Tucker, guests of Larry Wilde
Gil Webber, guest of Matt Clements
Louine Skankey, Bob's better half!
There's a new sheriff in town!!
Cheree, our incoming President, presented a brief synopsis of her plans for the coming year and her Board:
President Elect--Nathan Kaehler
Secretary--Michael Scar
Treasurer--Sandy Buechley
Club Service--Suzanne Scar
Community Service--Bret Bradigan
International Service--Leslie Bouche
Vocational Service--Tara Saylor
Public Relations--Andy Gilman
Youth Service--Nancy O'Sullivan
Membership--Jack Jacobs
Rotary Club of Ojai Education Foundation--Don Reed
Member at Large--Kay Bliss
Family of Rotary--Anne CarperE
Polio Plus Chair--Bob Davis
Rotary Foundation--Michael Scar 
Club Bulletin Editor--Carl Gross
Programs Chair--Bill Gilbreth
Peace Chair--Judy Gabriel
Congratulations to all. We look forward to a great new Rotary year!
Fred Clapp Award-Rob Tucker
Larry Wilde awarded Rob Tucker the Fred Clapp Award in recognition of a local non-Rotarian who exemplifies Rotarian ideals in his business.
Fred Clapp was a local attorney and estate planner and long-time member of our Club.  He was very much involved in the ethics of his profession.  Fred was a short guy with a big sense of humor and made it fun for all to share time with him in Rotary.  This award honors his ideals and the ideals of Rotary.
Rob Tucker is a third generation native of Ojai.  He started his work as a bouncer in the largest bar in Chico, California.  He moved up to manager. He subsequently worked at the Malibu Inn, Hudson's Grill, Hornblowers, and State & A in Santa Barbara.
In 1995, Rob joined his high school employer, Jim Gresham and established Jim and Rob's Fresh Grill.  The restaurant has garnered many awards for it's menu and high quality, healthy ingredients.  In addition to serving in the restaurant, he continues to help the youth of the Valley, coaching soccer, basketball and Pony League Baseball.
With the success of the restaurant, they have added Lisa's Cantina, adjacent to the restaurant, a sports bar, named after his wife.  They serve up genuine Margaritas with no premix.  
Congratulations, Rob and family for this well-deserved award.
Larry then thanked his committee:  Ren Adam, Dave Brubaker, Deidre Daly, and Colin Jones.
Taste of Ojai--Matt Clements
The Taste of Ojai is changing its venue.  On October 27th, our premier fundraiser will be at the Topa Mountain Winery.  Matt will need lots of help in the coming months. Let's get involved and make it another stellar event. 
A fond farewell to Bob and Louine Skankey
Bob and Louine will be moving to Utah.  This was his last meeting in Ojai.  Bob has done so much for the betterment of humankind in his lifetime, it is hard to know where to begin.
Tony Thacher spoke of his numerous programs in Tonga, his church, Mali, Niger, and Roatan.  He was named District Rotarian of the Year, a very high honor.  As a local obstetrician, his care and skills in obstetrics and gynecology were known to many of us.  Tony observed that when he delivered a baby, he would hold it up for Mom and waving its little hand, would say, "Hi, Mom"
Fred Fauvre noted that he delivered his youngest child and has been a medical colleague for his entire practice.  He was very fit, having run 13 marathons, one of which was less than 3 hours, an Olympic level of endurance. He supported the Heart and Sole Run, invented the Freedom Run (on 4th of July for children 2-12 down Ojai Avenue.  With Dr. Fauvre they started the October Classic running event to raise funds for Ojai Hospital. He  was active and supported Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts his entire career. In 1998, he and Ken Reeves came up with the idea of Physical Education Program (PEP) Student of the Month where outstanding local students were recognized for their sportsmanship and physical fitness participation.  Dr. Fauvre helped fund this enduring monthly program with Ren Adam and Marc Whitman.
In 2007, he met Leslie Clark.  At the time she was active in Niger where maternal mortality was very high and medical care was sparse along with access.  Bob made 6 trips to Niger, training birthing nurses to care for mothers in labor.  Since then, there have been no maternal deaths.  He overcame red tape, language barriers, and the logistics of caring for these nomadic peoples. Leslie presented him with a wall hanging from Niger. 
Kay Bliss recounted her call in 1997 from Bob. "I am going to spoil your day."  He reported her biopsy was positive for cancer.  "He saved my life."  He made trips to Ghana with Kay and Ojai Rotarians, to support pregnant teens and give them employable skills.  He supported Kay on her first application for a grant, one of many to follow.  Through tears she confided, "Bob, you are my hero..the real deal!"
Leslie Bouche said that Bob was her reason for joining Rotary.  "You are truly the embodiment of Service Above Self."  She gave him a heart pin which is worn by the students in Puri, India.
Dr. Skankey took the podium and quipped, "Sounds like they are talking about someone who died."  He thanked all those who have participated in the myriad programs over the years.
Just a personal note:  I have had the pleasure of working with Bob these past 40 years as a medical colleague and on our missions in Roatan, Honduras .  He delivered 3 of our 6 children. (Yes, he did the Hi Mom bit.).  He has always been there to listen and offer sage advice.  He is my role model. I bid you adieu, mon ami.
Fining:  The proceeds of today's fining were donated in Bob's name to the Club.
Rotary Humor
The Program:  California State University, Channel Islands--Nichole Ipach
Ms. Ipach is Vice President for University Advancement.  
Opened in 2002 as the only public four-year university in Ventura County, CSU Channel Islands is a unique institution in the region. Its economic and fiscal impacts benefit the economies of the Local Area, Ventura County and the entire State. These impacts generate significant benefits in the form of increased employment, labor income and economic output. Moreover, CSUCI’s operations generate millions in tax revenue — money that goes toward important public services.
With 7,200 students, it is the fasting growing university in California.  81% of the students receive financial aid.  2/3 of the graduates emerge with no debt.  87% of the alumni stay in the Ventura area.
The traditional lecture hall has opened up to personal experiences in learning with practical education in solving problems.  "We teach them how to think."  There are peer mentor ambassadors that help new students adust and adapt to the university environment.  For this, the mentors receive $3,500 per semester.  This, it is hoped witl increase student retention and succes rates.  
Nichole cited examples of successful alumni including entrepeuners like Lori of "Lori's Lemonade" and many in high tech positions.  "We create a degree that matters."  She cites the award winning teachers that make this happen. 
Thank-You, Ms. Ipach for an informative and exciting program.
Deidre passed what was supposed to be a gavel to Cheree Edwards.
Thank-You, President Daly for your energy, caring, and can do attitude.
Thank-You, Cheree for stepping up to your new Rotary year.  We all have your back!
Final Thoughts
Deidre closed her final meeting with a quote from Nelson Mandela:
It always seems impossible untill it is over.
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